Minute Meditation on Why a Human Being is Special

Human Worth

You are not really somebody because of the car you drive;
nor for the huge house you own;
You are not clearly special because of the degrees you have;
nor for the fashionable clothes you wear.
You are not a truly big name because of where you work;
nor for the schools from which you graduated.
You are not literally valuable because of the money you earn;
nor for your high position in society.
You are not vastly superior because of your race;
nor for the social group to which you belong.
You are not highly influential because of where you live;
nor for the friends you have.
You are not actually someone because you are famous;
nor for achieving success.
You are not especially noteworthy because of where you have gone;
nor for the people you have met.
Rather, you are somebody,
because you are a human being;
a precious creature of
and infinite value.
You are you, the imago Dei,
and no one, by either word or deed or both,
can ever, ever take that away from you!