A Prayer to Age Well

The Process of Aging

Lord God, the Great Physician, Healer of souls and bodies:
You created time, human beings
and all living things;
 and in time, they age and die.
 As I age, Lord, grant me a sound mind
 and a reasonably healthy body.
 May I not grow bitter over past regrets,
 allowing them to “poison”
my mind, body and spirit, 
 making me miserable
and older than I actually am.
 Rather, may I choose to become better,
learning from my mistakes and sufferings.
 O Living God and Giver of Life,
May I meet you in life itself,
in ever-new ways each day.
While I am aging,
placing my faith in you every day,
 strengthen my spirit
 and give me hope for a better future,
  regardless of how long or short it may be.
 May my spirit rise above the aches
and pains of my body,
bearing them with dignity.
 May I, O God,
age gracefully,
live purposefully and love endlessly,
 finding ever-new meanings to my life.
Finally, when I breathe my last,
take my spirit from my mortal body
to be with you in Everlasting Life,
where there will be no more
aging, suffering,
pain and death;
 and I shall be immortal,
 forever young.

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