Minute Meditation on the Book of Ecclesiastes: Just One More Thing

A Minute Meditation on the Book of Ecclesiastes
“If I just get one more thing, Rev., I’ll be happy!” Just one more thing! That is what human beings have been thinking and saying, since they began to inhabit the earth millions of years ago. It is a colossal illusion, a “chasing after the wind.” All the worldly things human beings believe would make them happy “have been tried and found wanting” – wealth, houses, fancy cars, boats, yachts, palaces, vacations, sexual pleasures and partners, degrees, popularity and athletic prowess. You name it, and someone has already tried it. Just one more thing?
There is no “thing” in this world that can make human beings really happy. But there is Someone who can do that; a Someone who can only be “seen” and reached by “a leap of faith.” So rest from you search, O weary soul, for only God can make you whole.

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